Made Her Think

Spoiledbrat are excited to welcome to Meredith Kahn’s House of Made Her Think

We are obsessed with my new discovery, our new discovery of Made Her Think Jewelry! Designer Meredith Kahn blends her sophisticated artistic style with today’s popular symbols (studs, skulls, hearts). The result…charming pieces that are playful but not juvenile. The candy totem cuff bracelet is one of our favorites. Available in black, hot pink, grey and cream, this high quality resin bracelet features rows of over sized studs, separated by pairs of beads. Adorable!

Another must have, the skull mala bracelet!

Made Her Think has appeared in every fashion magazine imaginable, and has an impressive celebrity following (Kate Hudson recently wore a necklace from the line while promoting her new movie on TRL). We love everything about this line, the quality, creativity…even the website is stunning! Check it out :

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