Its in your Jeans!

What makes a pair of jeans iconic? As in worthy of you wanting to wear them day-in, day-out? California-based Denim of Virtue, the latest premium denim company to come out of L.A., is poised to have the answer.
Denim of Virtue has instinctively fused together the fundamental elements of what defines a great jean: modern in silhouette and aesthetic, authentic in craftsmanship, and most importantly a design that enhances figure and fit.
The collection, which debuted in 2006, marks a new direction in denim wear. Using their signature finishing techniques, the styling of a Virtue Jean has softer contours, not unlike the brushstrokes of Chinese calligraphy. The result produces a subtle zen-like sensibility and features a smoother, more modern curve that caresses the body. Bias-cutting, curvature and stitch detailing add to give it a sexy fit, rounding where necessary, though never too low a waist.
Drawn to clean and modern lines, the architecture of Denim of Virtue replaces the rigidness of other brands. Washes in smoky darks, black inks and deepest blues are staple colours for winter, but lighter shades, such as soft blues, are available also. Straight-leg and cigarette cuts, skinny jeans and the new ëlooseí silhouette are the four key shapes. So too are denim shorts and the mini, making a welcome return to autumn/winter 06 casual fashion.
Each Denim of Virtue jean has its own character: a clean line with a double
Christina Aguleria in Denim of Virtue
contrast or decorative stitch; a soft, zen-curved pocket, a flattering detail that could only originate from the ingénue of an American denim house. Virtue hails from California – the authentic habitat of the jean.
Managing to create a balance between minimal styling and overt detailing, Denim of Virtue stripped the jean back to its basic form while avoiding the boring jeans look or applying over-the-top, frivolous design. The research and dedication to their craftsmanship embodies the brandís aesthetic and appeal – be it through hand-applied finishing or continuing the evolution of the jean. To Virtue, there will always be new innovations, silhouettes to refine, or applications to experiment with. Denim lovers be thankful: it means youíll always have a pair of jeans that exude enough distinction and attitude to make someone want to look twice
18TH AMENDMENT – HIGH QUALITY DESIGN AND FEMININE VINTAGE STYLE Inspired by the roaring 1920s of Prohibition and the coquettish elegance of Hollywood icons such as Rita Hayworth, Marlene Dietrich and Gina Lollabrigida, 18th Amendment has arrived as a celebrated alternative in a market dominated by the standard lowrise skinny fit.Leading international buyers have rushed to snap up their diverse styles, quality detailing and dedication to achieving the perfect fitting jean and have made 18th Amendment jeans a must-have for denim aficianados the world over.The jeans are instantly recognisable with an art-deco wing logo, inspired by the Rolls Royce “Flying Lady”, epitomising 18th Amendment’s high quality design approach and feminine vintage style.”18th Amendment is a blend of modern and vintage fit, finishing and detailing. We wanted to create a denim label that referenced vintage denim in a way that made it fresh, modern and relevant to today.”
Rebecca Dawson – 18th Amendment Creative Director

Micha Barton In 18th Amendment Jeans

18th Amendment jeans have been seen on a whole host of stars; Jessica Biel, Mischa Barton, Kate Bosworth to name a few!

Paige Premium Denim
Paige Adams-Geller has been the designer jeans industry’s secret weapon for almost a decade, being the ‘fit model’ for almost every A-list premium denim jeans label. Her long and successful reign as the celebrity jeans industry’s most sought after fit model was, perhaps surprisingly, due to her curvy, not-too-thin figure, which it appeared; more accurately represented that of normal female consumers.
Far from being a ‘dumb blonde’, Paige was an A-grade student, raised in rural Alaska, who graduated from school two years early. She puts her demand as a model for womens designer jeans as much down to her brains as to her body and in particular, her ability to communicate well. “I think the reason I had a lot of success is because I wasn’t just a person that stood there as a hanger while other people made suggestions” says Paige “I like people to know I have a brain, so I became very vocal as a fit model for designer jeans. I learnt the technical as well as the creative side of the premium denim jeans business… to see how I could make my hips look smaller, my legs longer, butt higher if I place pockets in certain places”.
The difference between fit modelling and catwalking, she says is simple “It’s about having an eye for detail and design and not being afraid to speak out about it.”Paige now channels all her knowledge and experience of fabric and fit into her own label Paige jeans, based in Los Angeles, the home of premium denim jeans with her Paige Premium Denim styles named after the streets of LA. Paige Premium Denim is designed to be inclusive, not exclusive, taking fashion denim and making it accessible to fuller, curvy figures.
In Paige’s words,
“Love your body, feel comfortable in your skin, be comfortable in your jeans!”
Britney Spears in paige Denim

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