Katie Price (Jordan) seen out & about with her Littlearth Bag

Littlearth Handbags
“Littlearth…… The most innovative recycling idea to date takes American car license plates, hubcaps and tyres and turns them into the most uniquely stunning and desirable handbags”.

Littlearth ecofashion handbags – Most innovative recycling idea to date, taking American car license plates, hubcaps and tyres -turning them into the most stunning, desirable MUST HAVE of the season! Boasting scores of stylish designs, sophisticated chic to funky fun all finished with a hand embellishment of Swarovski crystal!
When Rob Brandegee and Ava DeMarco founded LittleEarth Productions, Inc. in 1993 they had a simple but revolutionary idea: design and make fashionable, unique and trendsetting purses and belts by reusing and recycling materials that would otherwise be overlooked or thrown away. Not only did the idea work, but it introduced the world to a new term: ecofashion. In proportion to its popularity, Littlearth has grown from a small company working out of a suburban home into a multi-building design and manufacturing complex in the SoHo district of Pittsburgh. Now in its 15th year of business, Littlearth products from the Littlearth family of brands are starting conversations all over the United States and all over the world with distributors in Australia, Germany, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.
A new product from Little Earth Productions, Inc. is causing excitement in a big way. The Littlearth Designer SuperFlair purse takes our popular Super Cyclone purse and dresses it up in hundreds of Swarovski crystals. The effect is spark-tacular. Each crystal is applied by hand to turn this into an amazing one-of-a-kind bag that looks great with everything from jeans to evening wear. A recycled rubber handle, pave´crystal bottle cap closure and special RoadFlair “inspection sticker” add to the allure. Plus each SuperFlair arrives with a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity
Hot of the press is this picture of Katie Price seen out with her favourite Littlearth Handbag
Click here to buy Katie’s Littlearth Handbag

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