Ivana Helsinki "clothes are filled with positive melancholy"

Ivana Helsinki
Ivana Helsinki Dress Collection has arrived at Spoiledbrat
Stunning bold prints, modern yet feminine. All styles are printed on woven mid-weight cotton. Side zippers. Fabulous home made style from Finland. If you’re looking for that one of a kind perfect dress, this is it.

Ivana Helsinki, a family company well known for their ethically handmade avant-garde prints, is apart of the slow design identity & contemporary Finnish design movement. Their work, style and spirit, is a great inspiration and an icon in the Fennofolk tradition. Everything they make is done with great care and thought, utilizing local resources such as employing skilled handiworkers.
“Fennofolkists manifesto: If something is too perfect, it is not perfect anymore, it is boring. There has to be some edge to grab on. There always has to be something unexpected, weird and absurd. Something that should not be there.”
Made by hand in Finland.
Ivana Helsinki upholds an ethical, progressive practice with all products crafted by hand in Finland; no chemical dyes, fur, or leather are used.
Family owned company Ivana Helsinki’s dedication to all things homemade are filled with positive melancholy and their love for camping. Through ethical production and soulful prints, Ivana Helsinki’s products are art pieces with a slow-design identity and an idea of functionality.

Modern Scandinavian style with a traditional Slavic touch.
Ivana Helsinki homeware and accessories are now available at Spoiledbrat.co.uk
Click here to shop Ivana Helsinki

Don’t know if anyone got the chance to get an up-close look at the dress Lily Allen wore to UK’s Glamour Women of the Year Awards, but the pattern kinda featured a decapitated deer bleeding profusely….we kind of like the outfit, the hair, the dress, even the pattern has some kind of funky charm to it. Ivana Helsinki do lots of simlar dresses to this with the bambi print on it. Get Lily Alen’s Star Style!!

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