Designer Jewellery as Worn By Your Favorite Celebrities

Jessica Kagan Cushman, Rosena Sammi & many more……

Rosena Sammi combines her passion for jewellery with her love of history to create glamorous, seductive jewelry reminiscent of the royal courts of India. Opulent and elegant, Rosena integrates traditional Indian elements with a modern aesthetic, resulting in an eye catching collection of stunning, fine jewellery.
Rosena Sammi Jewellery is fabulous! Many celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, Hillary Duff, and Jessica Alba, enjoy the style and elegance of Rosena Sammi.
Rosena Sammi Jewellery Collection is now available at
Also new in: Jessica Kagan Cushman fabulous statement bracelets.
These Jessica Kagan Cushman scrimshaw bracelets caused such a huge drama a few months ago… (JKC was copied by Chanel, she retaliated in a fantastic way, but then Chanel was in turn copied by Forever 21.)
Well, the JKC bracelets have proven that they’re interesting beyond the initial attention surge due to the Chanel copy, so they’ve become available at
We have now got Jessica Kagan Cushman’s brand new collection! These are so fabulous!
Jessica Kagan Cushman are such “conversation bracelets”
Why not gift your favourite girl (you) and a make a statement with a witty Jessica Kagan Cushman bracelet?
Reproductions of Jessica Kagan hand-engraved fossilized wooly mammoth ivory bracelets made of high-quality resin, hand inked and hand finished.
These are THE ORIGINAL Jessica Kagan Cushman bangle bracelets with phrases on them. All other similar bracelets are KNOCK OFFS and we hope you will buy the real thing here at . They look fantastic alone or in stacks or layered with other bangles. Jessica Kagan Cushman bracelets are a fun conversation piece and can be worn on any occasion. Our bangles are made in limited editions so get them while you can!Each bracelet is hand poured resin, hand inked and hand finished. Any variations in resin colour, ink saturation, or finish are due to the handmade elements, so variations should be expected.Jessica Kagan Cushman believe any variation enhance the look to make them more closely resemble real ivory scrimshaw.

Click here to shop Rosena Sammi – Click here to shop Jessica Kagan Cushman


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