Put Your Lips In The Spotlight :: With Liparazzi @ SpoiledBrat.co.uk

Go beyond beauty with Liparazzi the genius light up lipgloss and lipstick with a handy mirror fixed in the barrel and a light concealed in the cap. Switch on to illuminate lips for last minute make up checks as you apply moisturising colour for a flattering sheen.
Liparazzi treats and nourishes lips with a winning combination of Jojoba and Vitamin E. The non-tacky texture is ree from mineral oils and lanolin allowing for smooth application with the benefit of superior hydration, protection and comfort for a truly luxurious lip sensation.
Kiss goodbye to smudged lippy and spinach in teeth nightmares. Liparazzi sheds light on the darkest corner (a true saviour if you’ve lost a diamond stud) and aids handbag rummaging (turning up doorkeys in seconds). It’s the ultimate in glamour utility…
Creator Nina Leykind of famed manga make up brand Eyeko, came up with the concept for Liparazzi on a night out with friend Emma Bunton of Spice Girls fame. “Every girl asks ‘Is my lip gloss ok? Are my teeth clean? Can I borrow your mirror?’ on a night out whether they’re facing a barrage of paparazzi or not! And Liparazzi is the answer.”
Liparazzi’s glamorous lip gloss with mirror fixed in the barrel and a light concealed in the cap. Buy Liparazzi on line today at SpoiledBrat.co.uk

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