Tarina Tarantino spring 2008

About Tarina: Known for her edgy and cool jewelry and accessories, fuchsia-haired designer Tarina Tarantino took a moment to give me the scoop on her design inspirations and style tips!
How She Got Started Designing : She’s one of the hottest jewelry designers out there, so it’s no surprise that Tarina has been practicing her craft since she was a little girl! She says: “I have always made jewelry since I was little playing with beads. It just evolved into what I am doing today.”

Her Inspirations: Her designs range from Hello Kitty-studded necklaces to baubles emblazoned with skulls and crossbones, so there’s no doubt that Tarina pulls her inspirations from all over. She says that “books, music, films from the 1960’s, and life” are her main sources of creativity.

Tarina’s Favorite Piece: It’s hard for a designer to name favorites, but Tarina is especially fond of her new handbag collection. She says that her Hardcore Box Metallic Handbag “is an important piece” in her latest collection named Tokyo Hardcore.

Her Style Tips: When it comes to dressing on a budget, Tarina is full of great advice. She says that getting great style for less is “easy today as there is so much budget luxury to chose from. You can buy stylish clothing and splurge on accessories.”

Tarina Tarantino makes some fabulous hair accessories; jewellery & bags!

SpoiledBrat have just had the new spring range for 2008, arrive in store. Snap the pieces up fast, as they are all limited edition styles & very hard to find.

Tarina Tarantino jewellery from SpoiledBrat.co.uk

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