Fluff Accessories

Fluff is a whole line of super cute and ultra sassy stuff created by Los Angeles artist Claudette Barjoud and inspired by vintage pinup, 20’s glamour, Mid Century Modernism, fashion and an eclectic mix of art.

Fluff by Claudette Barjoud
Adorable collection of must-have organizers for the diva-driven person on-the-go. Hip, cute, and functional all in one – what more can a girl ask for! No matter what your needs or tastes Fluff’s gotcha’ covered. This awesomely illustrated gear is a must have for the girl who has to have everything! Choose from a wide variety of shapes and styles sure to fit any girl and any occasion. Spoiledbrat.co.uk is proud to offer you the Fluff Collection. Its so cute! So adorable! So girly!! We LOVE it!!

“Fluff is an ultra sassy line created by artist
Claudette Barjoud. Fluff has a vintage flare and reflects her love of design
from decades past. With inspiration drawn from Art Deco, 1950s Pinup, and
MidCentury Ad Graphics, Fluff is at once girly, glamorous, extra cute, and sure
to make you squeal with delight!”


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