Pacha SS08

Pacha’s fruity logo is a symbol for people “who live a life as full and sweet as gleaming cherries”, over time Pacha has become a hedonistic oasis for the world’s night birds. Celebrating every music genre from flower power to disco, dance to hip hop. For many years international bohemians and celebrities have flocked to the club, attracted by the lure of a beautiful sun drenched island with a free thinking, tolerant and liberated attitude.
Pacha is all about good times, pure unadulterated partying and a laid back style that embraces many cultures. It is about fulfilling life with soulful experiences. Pacha today has become a global brand with clubs all over the world, luxury hotels, a clothing range, a fragrance and its own accessories collection.

Pacha gifts, pacha accessories, pacha jewellery, pacha bags & much much more!! have just had their Pacha Spring colection arrive in store, snap it up now!!!


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