What started out as an afternoon of innocent thrift shopping turned into a brand new clothing line – and changed the lives of designer Daniel and Carla Hogg. Founded in 2003, Gentle Fawn Clothing is inspired by a rare collection of antique ceramic fawns. Today, the original fawn remains as the symbol of the company’s creative beginnings and its design inspiration.
Gentle Fawn is a dynamic and imaginative line of clothing that speaks for people who follow their own paths in life. Our style is clean and modern, with details that give each piece of clothing distinctiveness. Our design reflects a strong sense of fashionable edge, but never neglects the bit of charm that sets us apart from the rest. Fashion is often a question of design versus function. Season after season, Gentle Fawn manages to create a line with the perfect blend of both great designs and functionality. The brand has emerged as a stylish mix of nature and city elements. This balance is the cornerstone of the collection and reflects the lives and philosophies of owners Daniel and Carla. Over the years, we have maintained a loyal customer base which has consistently given us valuable feedback.
This has allowed us to continue improving our fits, fabrics and designs. Paying close attention to fine details and the quality of all products has ensured that Gentle Fawn delivers nothing but the best. Gentle Fawn is currently sold throughout more than 400 multi-brand stores in North America. It made its debut in Europe in Fall 2004 and continues to grow successfully.
At Gentle Fawn Clothing, we are determined to deliver consistent quality clothing and visionary designs. Originalities in our prints and designs distinguish us from the others in the market. Gentle Fawn has built strong long-term business relationships based on honesty and equitable business practices. We provide an inspiring and challenging work environment for our employees, and maintain the highest level of business integrity and product innovation.
Gentle Fawn spring 2008 collection has just arrived at are one of the first online stores to stock this these items and we are really existed by this collection from a new brand, Gentle Fawn.
The inspiration comes from a wee antique fawn found in second hand furniture shop in LA.

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