Purchase Primp Clothing fashion online with SpoiledBrat.co.uk offering a fine selection of Primp designer fashion.

What’s sexy, edgy, and oh so girly?

It’s Primp! Primp clothing is available at SpoiledBrat.co.uk

Classic silhouettes, relaxed looks, and fun motifs make this line a favourite with Paris Hilton and Jessica Simpson.
The sexy, mix and match pieces are adorned sporadically with mini rhinestone details.
Primp It’s girly, it’s edgy, it’s sexy, and it’s so ’80s. It’s Primp.

Designers Emily Kersman and Wells Butler created the Primp line, full of brightly coloured ’80s inspired tops, skirts, dresses, and sweats with a relaxed look and flattering silhouette.

The sexy, mix-and-match pieces are adorned with details like gold-metallic leather stars and moons, silver sequins and braided fabric.

You can’t look through a weekly without seeing it on Paris and Jessica.

Buy Primp clothing at ww.spoiledbrat.co.uk

Primp Thermals Primp Clothes Primp Tees all at Spoiledbrat.co.uk

Designers Emily Kersman and Wells Butler of cult label Primp have become an overnight success. Since the brand launched in Los Angeles in their crystal embellished, bunny and horse print thermals have been spotted on celebrities such as Mischa Barton and Cameron Diaz, and the 80’s inspired collections have been known to sell out in a matter of days. Perfect with denim, this season’s collection of heart and arrow print casual wear is the perfect way to stay warm and stylish. Primp new collection now available to pre-order at spoiledbrat.co.uk

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