Brokedown Crown Trucker Hat

This style is the brand new style from Brokedown Clothing Brokedown Hats!

Available in the Crown. Adjustable closure, one size fits all.

Brokedown is the must have hat in Hollywood. You cannot open a magazine without spotting one of Jodi’s designs. Eva Longoria, Paris Hilton, Amanda Bynes, and Jessica Alba are just a few of Brokedown’s loyal fans.

Brokedown was created in a garage in Costa Mesa, CA in Feb. ’06 by former West Coast fashion forecaster/reporter Jodi Benavidez. Brokedown found success in a California casual style with embroidered cadet caps with metal motifs worn by the likes of celebrity Jessica Alba, Paris Hilton, and Jamie Presley. Brokedown first expanded with a line of including pashmina scarves, thermals, tees, and tanks with tattoo inspired graphics. The line was quickly scooped up by A+ specialty boutiques such as Kitson.

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