Ella Moss : Lindsay Lohan’s Arresting Fashion Sense

You’ve seen Lindsay’s mug shot everywhere and honestly, we did consider a Steal Her Style for it. Come on, considering her state when she took the photo, her make-up and hair looked better than your corporate ID. But, we digress. Rather than focus on the media madness that has become Lohan’s recent arrest, especially with the 911 call having just been released, we’d like to focus on her pre-arrest fashion !!

The photo has our LiLo looking stylishly casual in an Ella Moss Ursula dress – strapless and it looks amazing!!

We’re personally hoping that eventually the only thing arresting about Lindsay is her wardrobe. Hang in there, LiLo! Get yours: www.spoiledbrat.co.uk

The resort season is in full bloom with Ella Moss’ signature styles and colors that put us in just the playful mood.

Designer Pamella Protzel is an LA girl at heart, and her hip, fun and quirky Ella Moss collection reflects that. From daily after-school trips to Beverly Hills as a middle schooler to Parisian flea market excursions as a teen, Protzel has always been inspired by art, fashion, people and traveling!!
New Ella Moss collection available to pre-order at www.spoiledbrat.co.uk

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