Discover Dogeared

Dogeared loves to spread positive energy into the world with personal and positive gifts, with the hip, handmade look and feel of the California lifestyle.
And it’s working! Our Make a Wish Necklaces, reminders, karma and Word Jewels have touched the hearts and graced the necks of celebrities, stylists, film and TV stars everywhere. The list is long, so ask any of the amazing dogeared sales team and we will share with you!
We love what we do! And your customers will too. Our jewels are casual enough to be worn everyday and unique enough to be found on the red carpet… and, most importantly, in your store.

Dogeared is jumping into 2008. Now you can too! We are working hard to have all your favorite Dogeared jewels and gifts ready this month.
Sign up for our Email List or put your name on the waiting list for a particular jewel, and you will be the first to know when it’s ready.
Now that’s getting a jump on things! Dogeared’s 2008 collection is now available for pre-order on

Dogeared – A Company of Wishes
…our desire is to send good energy into the world through personal and positive gifts.

Dogeared is a family of products that capture the magic of words, symbols, wishes and dreams


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