CHUPA CHUPS Accessories available now to Pre-Order

Chupa Chups was founded in 1958 when Enric Bernat invented the way to fit a fork on a sweet, since July 2006 Chupa Chups has belonged to the Perfetti Van Melle group, the worlds biggest candy company.
In the late sixties Salvador Dali himself designed the red and yellow famous daisy logo.
Today Chupa Chups has become a lifestyle in its own right, cool and full of energy, now the brand spreads the magic and create fabulous range of fashion products in signature Chupa Chups style-fun, cheeky & always colourful with surprising products.

Chupa Chups accessories is now available to pre-order at – due for delivery at the end of January 08,

The Chupa Chups Jewellery, clothing & more accessories will be available in April 2008; the brand new Chupa Chups collection will be exclusive to

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