New Website!

Brand new website is now LIVE & we must say it looks fantastic!! Hope you like it as much as we do. Customers can now create an account, leave feedback, create a wish list, yrack orders & much more.

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Tune into
Tokidoki. All you need is a good sense of humor and a palate for the peculiar.
Inspired by the cute characters of Japanese pop art, you won’t find Simon Legno’s adorable cast on TV, at least not yet.
Tokidoki is broadcast exclusively by fans on print tees, hoodies, jewelry and bags.
Tokidoki started out as the personal website of Italian artist Simone Legno to display his art. In early 2003, the co-founder of Hard Candy Cosmetics, Pooneh Mohajer and her husband, Ivan Arnold, saw Simone’s website and fell in love with it.
They immediately flew Simone out to Los Angeles to build tokidoki into a brand to share it with the world.
They believed that everyone should experience the world of Tokidoki.
Tokidoki has transformed into a hot lifestyle brand into vinyl toys, skateboards, iSkins, jewelry, watches, knitwear, sportswear, and accessories.

Primp Designer Bio:
Primp It’s girly, it’s edgy, it’s sexy, and it’s so ’80s. It’s Primp.
Designers Emily Kersman and Wells Butler created the Primp line, full of brightly colored ’80s inspired tops, skirts, dresses, and sweats with a relaxed look and flattering silhouette.
The sexy, mix-and-match pieces are adorned with details like gold-metallic l
eather stars and moons, silver sequins and braided fabric.
You can’t look through a weekly without seeing it on Paris and Jessica.
About Primp Primp designer, Wells Butler was born in Detroit, Michigan and raised in Fairfield, Iowa. To the dismay of her parents, both doctors, Butler set her sights on being a fashion designer at an early age.
In elementary school, she filled her notebooks with fashion sketches and bugged her mother to teach her how to sew. After a brief stint as a premed at the University of Iowa, Butler compromised with her parents; she would major in economics if she could pursue design after she graduated. But in between studying the law of supply and demand, Butler still found time to scour thrift shops for vintage T-shirts, which she would then customize for herself.

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