New Arrivals in Store

Big Fluff now available in store!!
Big Fluff produce hand painted, hand printed t-shirts of the highest order. Using stencils, rubber stamps, woodblocks and the very occasional potato, each piece we make is unique. We also make limited edition pieces which are even furthur customised…
All of our t-shirts are made of top quality 100% cotton which is ringspun for a soft feel… we then add top quality fabric paints and inks to create our design, then heat fix the design to make it
permanent, resulting in a fully machine washable garment.
So forget mass market clothing, forget the high street crush, forget seeing other (less attractive) people wearing the same thing as you… buy a Big Fluff tee and bask in your own good taste!

Paul Frank

More new Paul Frank, Julius + Friends in store. Sock money keyrings, bubble umbarellas, socks + much more.
Use code:
MAILING20 which will get u 20% off everything in store πŸ™‚


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